Health and Wellness

A healthy mind, body and spirit are fundamental to personal and academic success.

在泽维尔, we believe that true success goes beyond academic achievements; it encompasses a holistic approach to personal growth and self-care. Our comprehensive range of services, state-of-the-art facilities and compassionate staff are here to support you on your journey towards optimal safety, health and wellness. Whether you seek medical care, 咨询, fitness resources or educational programs, 澳门银河网站 is committed to empowering you to live a balanced and thriving life.

Xavier student swimming in the recreation center pool

Recreation Center Facilities

The recreation center in the Health United Building includes three indoor basketball courts for intramural sports, a three-lane running track overlooking those courts, three fitness studios, a four-lane indoor pool and recreational gym spaces for treadmills, 静止的自行车, ellipticals and weight-lifting machines.

Rec Center in the Health United Building
The Health United Building atrium

Health and Medical Services for Students

Xavier students have access to primary medical care, 咨询 and other health services at the Health United Building on campus. Services are provided by board certified physicians and licensed registered nurses. Services include primary care, 过敏反应的治疗, 旅行医学, 实验室测试, immunizations and pharmacy.

Health Services for Students
Student speaking with an adult in an office

Counseling Services for Students

Students have access to 咨询 services through licensed psychologists and counselors at the Health United Building on campus. The counselors provide for a wide range of mental and behavioral health matters, 包括焦虑, 抑郁症, 调整, 的关系, 饮食失调, alcohol and drug issues and other problems. There are no charges for 咨询 services.

Counseling Services for Students
Two 澳门银河网站 Police Department officers

澳门银河网站 Police Department

Officers provide 24/7 police patrols, blue light assistance phones located throughout campus buildings and grounds, secured card access residence halls, mandatory fire safety training in each residence hall and escort services after dark through XUPD dispatch.

澳门银河网站 Police Department
Students dining in the Hoff Dining Commons

Multiple Dining Options for Students

詹姆斯E号. 霍夫,年代.J. Dining Commons is the main campus dining hall. Students choose from multiple dining stations, including daily chef specials vegetarian dining options and a gluten-free food station. Food is sourced locally whenever possible, sometimes even from our own campus garden.

Dining Options for Students
Students talking with each other in the Dorothy Day Center for Faith and Jusice

Opportunities to Serve and Worship

Xavier is a Catholic university, but it’s also home to students of many faiths. Xavier’s Center for Faith and Justice (CFJ) creates and strengthens a sense of community among individuals of diverse faiths on campus. The Center offers prayer services and faith sharing groups, and is home to a full-time Muslim chaplain, 天主教的牧师, Rabbi and Protestant minister.

Center for Faith and Justice
Exterior of Smith Hall on Xavier's campus


Xavier’s 第九条办公室 offers free, confidential advocacy and support and serves as a central resource for questions, complaints or concerns related to sex discrimination at Xavier. The staff also connects students to support resources and provides education and training on sex discrimination to the campus community.


Wasson Way Bike Path

Students have access to the newly-constructed Wasson Way Bike path, which connects campus to the nearby neighborhoods of Evanston, 诺伍德, Oakley and Hyde Park. The trail begins just west of Victory Parkway and will eventually end at the beginning of the 78-mile Little Miami Bike Trail.